AxiaGram Features

The All-in-One Mobile Care App

AxiaGram is here to help healthcare professionals transform where, when and how patient care is delivered. Leverage our simple-to-use solution to eliminate unnecessary siloed applications. 


Privacy and Security

AxiaGram is compliant with all federal and local government regulations, including HIPAA.


Industry Insights

Get the latest news and information from professionals in your industry, like a social network built for healthcare.


EHR Capabilities

AxiaGram is built with EHRs in mind to ensure a seamless integration with any platform.


Internal Communication

Our mobile communication center features audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, shareable news feeds and more.



We know one size doesn’t always fit all, which is why we customize AxiaGram to your specific healthcare needs.


Mobile Accessibility

Complete tasks at the right time in the right place without having to constantly switch between multiple applications.


Why AxiaGram?

Experience Innovative Solutions

As technology improves, the healthcare industry should improve with it. A HIMSS Analytics study of 129 C-suite executives, IT professionals, clinicians and department heads has found 79.8 percent use tablets and 42.6 percent use smartphones to access the information needed to provide and coordinate care.


Everything You Need

HIPAA Compliant

We provide a centralized, HIPAA compliant, and simple-to-use tool to serve the healthcare industry.

EHR Integrations

With patients and healthcare workers in mind, we created an all-in-one mobile care app that seamlessly integrates into any EHR platform.

Built for Mobilility

With AxiaGram, clinicians can create notes, write prescriptions, order lab reports, author internal orders, complete electronic visit verifications and more.

Get More Done

All from a mobile device, AxiaGram gives clinicians the freedom to complete required tasks at the right time in the right place without having to continually switch between multiple applications.