EHR Capabilities

Maximize the EHR experience

AxiaGram is not intended to replace your existing EHR. Instead, it serves to enhance and optimize your experience by allowing you to do more daily tasks from a mobile device. 

AxiaGram Collaboration

Centralized Communication Platform

It’s hard enough for health care workers to communicate using multiple devices for effective collaboration. AxiaGram allows care to be coordinated in one place, reducing the administrative burdens for clinicians, case managers and other staff.

Get Started with AxiaGram

Time to escape the confines of your desktop. Extend the capabilities of your EHR to match your busy workday as a health care professional. AxiaGram streamlines 70% of the EHR experience into one app using voice recognition for appointments, treatment plan updates, prescription scheduling, EVVs and so much more.

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Transforming from Good to Great

Not only is AxiaGram revolutionary for helath care workers, it’s great for patients as well. With patient portal tools like AxiaGram Connect, providers can ensure patients follow through with medication recommendations, manage chronic conditions and adopt preventive health behaviors.


Fast & Easy Work

It’s easy to log in and get work done from anywhere.


Less Cumbersome

A simplified EHR experience focused on tasks that can be done on-the-go.

Additional Features

Your EHR should work for you. Not the other way around.


HIPAA Compliant

Communication is safe and secure, powered by Artificial Intelligence


Industry Insights

Stay up-to-date on healthcare focused news for relevant topics to you.


EHR Capabilities

Many EHR tasks can be now be done without your desktop.


Internal Communication

Leverage video, audio, or text messaging to coordinate on specific team assignments.



AxiaGram compliments any EHR platform to meet your unique needs.


Mobile Accessibility

It’s easier and more convenient than ever to complete EHR tasks from your mobile device.