Communication – By the Numbers

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We’ve curated a short list of some eye-opening statistics when it comes to the importance of effective communication in health care. As the proverbial saying goes, knowledge is power – and so are well-connected care teams.

internal communication

Ineffective team communication is the root cause for approximately 66% of medical errors (Source: The Joint Commission)

Clinicians need over 50% more time with patients (Source: AHRQ)

The critical performance areas affected by communication are safety, quality, experience of care and positive financial outcomes (Source: Press Ganey, 2017)

There is, on average, a 7.4% error rate for clinical documentation generated through voice recognition tools (Source: July 2018 JAMA study)

42% of clinicians will experience burnout in 2021 (Source: Mayo Clinic)

Poorly coordinated care transitions for SMI patients with pre-existing chronic health conditions often result in unnecessary hospital readmission and emergency department use in the weeks following discharge. High readmission rates are indicators of poor care quality resulting in reimbursement penalties (Source: CMS)

Error rates from voice recognition plummet to 0.3% after clinician review (Source: July 2018 JAMA study)

54% of clinicians say EHRs decrease professional satisfaction (Source: Health Populi)

The root cause of malpractice claims is a breakdown in communication between physician and patient (Source: Huntington, B., & Kuhn, N., 2003 Communication gaffes: a root cause of malpractice claims. Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings, 16, 157-161. Pubmed.)

90% of patients surveyeed by Kaiser Permanente said online access makes it more convenient to interact with their care team via a portal. 82% said access to the portal helped them make informed decisions about their health, and 80% said the portal enables them to effectively manage chronic conditions.

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