The secret is out: the HiMS all-in-one mobile communication app AxiaGram is officially available. Our team has been working around-the-clock to develop this innovative solution and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to educate the integrated health care community about its many benefits. 

In fact, AxiaGram has so many advanced features, Rod Cook, CEO of COPE Community Services said “AxiaGram is a game-changer.”

Let’s take a hard look at why:

AxiaGram transforms when, where, and how patient care is delivered.

Think about how often you use your smart phone daily. How many times do you use your device to look up an important piece of information, text someone, set a reminder or handle an important task on the go?

Now think about how often physicians and clinical staff are on their feet running from appointment-to-appointment. Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms are the lifeblood of many practices, serving as the go-to repository for most patient information. Taking that into consideration, why would it make sense to limit how and when these records are updated? If clinicians don’t have the ability to update their EHR using a smartphone or tablet, the task becomes much more complicated and time consuming. It also increases their chances of making an error by lengthening the time between data collection and data input.

By enabling a seamless mobile EHR experience, AxiaGram changes how and where clinicians interact and access information, providing them the ability to transform their health care practice.

EHRs are also critical to implementing best practices based on emerging trends such as team-based care. In a team-based care model, the patient and family are team members, as well as more than one clinician. The team works towards mutual identification of the preferred health care goal with close coordination across clinical settings and clear communication that includes feedback channels.

For these types of emerging trends that require a great number of patient touchpoints and additional invested parties, data accessibility becomes paramount. The EHR becomes the central point of information to use when making decisions about a patient’s care.

The writing is on the wall. Integrated health care needs mobile, and we’re proud to be delivering this functionality. AxiaGram works with any EHR (including HiMS Axiom, of course) and offers features such as support for telehealth services, instant messaging, a sharable news feed, built-in artificial intelligence, and Electronic Visit Verification capabilities. AxiaGram is HIPPA compliant and secured with advanced data encryption.

We will explore more reasons why AxiaGram is a game changer in part two of this two-part blog series. To learn more about AxiaGram, visit: