internal communication

Better care collaboration leads to better outcomes

AxiaGram is a cloud-based HIPAA-compliant mobile communication app designed to transform where, when and how patient care is delivered.


Works seamlessly with any EHR and is easily customizable.


Connects with EHR, desktop, cell phone, email, laptop, iPad, telephone, IM, patient portal and video conferencing, all in one app.


AI-enabled, no keyboard required

Create progress notes, write perscriptions, order labs, author internal orders, complete Electronic Visit Verifications (EVVs) and more.


Eliminate data entry burdens

Clinicians can now work at the top of their licensure practicing care.


Provides remote access to care

Perfect for case management field work and out-of-office visits.


Avoid medical errors

Ineffective team communication is the root cause for nearly 66% or medical errors.


Easy to scale for agency growth


Reimagine integrated health care delivery with AxiaGram

Avoid the pitfalls and challenges common with information sharing (or lack thereof) among care teams.

Why AxiaGram

Stay productive with a busy schedule.

The AI-based features of AxiaGram such as voice recognition and deposit dictated progress notes directly into the EHR.


Care Continuity


Better productivity


Patient Experience


EHR on-the-go

Our Design & Development Process

We keep the patient and provider in mind to deliver an optimized user experiences. With AxiaGram, patients have a centralized and secure online tool to view health records, schedule appointments and communicate directly with their care team.


Strategy & Roadmap.

Our goal is to provide a centralized, HIPAA compliant, and simple-to-use tool to serve the healthcare industry.


Visual & UX Design

With AxiaGram, clinicians can create notes, write prescriptions, order lab reports, author internal orders, complete electronic visit verifications and more.



AI powers the delivery of care by making it instantaneous. 


Launch & Monitor

All from a mobile device, AxiaGram gives clinicians the freedom to complete required tasks at the right time in the right place without having to continually switch between multiple applications.

AxiaGram’s Unique Framework:

Healthcare News Feed and Updates

Enhanced EHR Functionality

Internal Collaboration

Efficient Patient Interactions

Accessibility at any time or place

Understanding the Importance of AxiaGram

A HIMSS Analytics study of 129 C-suite executives, IT professionals, clinicians and department heads has found 79.8 percent use tablets and 42.6 percent use smartphones to access the information needed to provide and coordinate care.


What We Offer

AxiaGram is EHR-agnostic and extends the capabilities of any EHR platform with a secure API that is easily customizable.


Centralize Communication

All-in-one mobile communication center features audio/video conferencing, instant messaging, shareable news feeds and more, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.


Maximize Efficiency

AxiaGram automates most administrative components of a clinical practice, providing an easy way to follow-up on pending tasks and prioritize work flow.


Patient Friendly

Improve the patient experience with pre-visit form completion functionality from a mobile device